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A Chinese medicine explanation of the common cold

Focus on The Common Cold

Ah, the common cold. For many this healthy reaction of their body to an outside germ is an uncomfortable nuisance. For others, however, it is a real concern because “it always goes to my lungs” which can lead to life-threatening pneumonia. Exactly what is this experience that we all have at some time in our […]

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A female patient age 33 came to me for acupuncture treatment of neck pain due to an automobile accident. As we began a review of her medical history she revealed that for 4 years she had suffered from gastroparesis, a stomach disorder where the stomach does not empty food to the intestines, leading to frequent […]

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Burton Moomaw Acupuncture in Boone NC

Patient Stories: Introduction

In this section I will share with you some of the stories of the work with my patients. I will give each the title of their western medical illness and tell you about how treatment progressed. Reading stories about the experience of others has always been meaningful to me with struggles in my life. The […]

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