Healthy breakfast porridge recipe

Focus on Breakfast

I love a good breakfast! There is great truth to the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In fact in Chinese medicine the high point of stomach function is 7 AM to 9 AM. This is when digestive strength is the strongest and we can derive maximum energy from our […]

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A Chinese medicine explanation of the common cold

Focus on The Common Cold

Ah, the common cold. For many this healthy reaction of their body to an outside germ is an uncomfortable nuisance. For others, however, it is a real concern because “it always goes to my lungs” which can lead to life-threatening pneumonia. Exactly what is this experience that we all have at some time in our […]

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Warm teas and soups, supportive to the immune system in Chinese medicine

Focus on Immune System

Do you feel uncertain, anxious or fearful about whether your immune system is protecting you? Do you feel you have a weak immune system and are at a loss for how to best support it? Do you find the whole concept of immunity baffling and mysterious? If your answer to any of these questions is […]

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Chinese medicine explanation of cholesterol and heart disease

Focus on Cholesterol and Heart Disease

High Cholesterol and Heart Disease Heart attack, high blood pressure and the threat of stroke or sudden death are a huge fear for many Americans. After decades of being told that eating salt and saturated fat is the cause of heart disease, it still holds the title as the number one cause of death in […]

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An anatomical rendering of the human body and digestive system

Focus on Digestion

How Digestion Works Digestive problems are a real concern for many people. They range from belching to severe acid reflux, mild abdominal pain to ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s, slow digestion with constipation to fast digestion with diarrhea. Like many concepts about our bodies, digestion seems so complex and helping problems seems mysterious due to the […]

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Focus on Chinese Medicine

When I describe to my patients the different ways that Chinese medicine conceives of them as human beings, they are usually surprised at the depth, complexity and common sense of the concepts. One patient commented recently, “You are the doctor I always wished I had because you listen and see me as a whole person.” […]

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A daily dose of medicine / prescriptive drugs.

Focus on Western Medicine

Many of my patients express frustration about their experiences with the western medical system. Just last week a friend told me “so far I have dealt with 5 different people about this problem.” People feel that they are seen not as a person by their doctor and other practitioners in the system, but instead as […]

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Ice water inhibits proper digestion

How Cold Food and Drink Affect Digestion

Properly functioning digestion is the center point of good health. It is the starting point of energy production that supports ongoing life, providing nutrition for our whole system. All other organs in our body are related to and supported by digestion and begin to function poorly when there are gut problems. Digestion is a warm […]

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Virus pathogen

How Your Body Works to Repel a Pathogen

We hear the words “immune system” so often but very few non-medical folks understand much about it. The explanations of modern science offer some theoretical ideas that we can grasp remotely. The various antibodies and blood cell types give us words to pin on our immune system but still no idea how it works. When […]

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