Creating Health: Introduction

I am excited to begin presenting my ideas about creating health, the real focus of Chinese Medicine.

In my blog I will present ideas from Chinese medicine and from western medicine. It is very helpful to see difficulties in creating health from both perspectives.

We humans are such amazingly, wonderfully complex beings. We live in an interesting era with many new potentials as well as many challenges to our health and wellness.

-The emotional climate of our country and the world present us with challenges of fear, frustration, and anger.

-Our food supply has been dramatically altered in the last 70 years with the advent of the sciencification of food and the resulting industrial production of food-like substances that come in boxes.

These and other challenges tax our ability to function in a healthy state. One goal of my work is to help patients identify the challenges that are altering their bodies and mind’s ability to function properly, to auto-regulate in the words of western medicine.

Acupuncture treatment is very effective in helping the body function properly. It can help someone overtaxed by stress relax and feel more resilient. It can slow the overactive protective response of one’s immune system, inflammation, to irritating challenges like emotional and dietary challenges. A second goal in my work is to use acupuncture to aid patient’s recovery of function that is off due to life’s challenges. Pain, digestive issues, anxiety, and headaches are all examples of poor function.

It is remarkable for me to witness how removing or modifying life’s challenges and aiding autoregulation with acupuncture is like lifting a blanket off of a person that has covered them for years. There is less weight and oppression hindering their life, and with a little coaxing and relearning how to use their newly returned vision, they begin to function well in the world again.

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